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"Surrender to the eternality of now."

"Understand we'll go hand in hand, but we'll walk alone in fear."

A [Kate]-shaped hole in the universe. Previously walkwithheroes and lordofthelake.
The Buffy to my Xander. The Hoshi to my T'Pol (also the AltLincoln to my Lincoln). The Lilah to my Fred (and the Buffy to my Dawn but she already has a Dawn to her Buffy so shhhhhh). The Cordelia to my Angel. The Sirius to my Remus (also the Minori to my Taiga & the April to my Ben). The Anya to my Xander.

"[Kate] ships ALL OF THE THINGS. Seriously. All of them." - Evanna

"[kate] is an enigma" - Hannah
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tagged as: oh gods. flawless flawless flawless. the best. of. everything. ugh i just can't. too perfect. Kate reads fic. or rather. Kate rereads fic. Drop Dead Gorgeous.

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